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Writers Boot Camp


Brian Patterson began his progression into the writing world in 2008, when he enrolled in the reputable Los Angeles-based Writers Boot Camp and began learning the intricate art of screenwriting. Brian is a two-time alumni of the WBC and currently has a myriad of projects at different stages of development.

In 2013, Brian started working as an associate in the theatrical and literary divisions of Abraxas Talent Management, where he worked closely with the talent pool and literary clients, helping pitch their projects to potential producers. An invaluable three years where Brian learned from working professional screenwriters, their process from concept to completion and how to navigate the enigmatic road of pitching and selling a project. An ever-winding road that Brian continues to traverse with his own projects.




BELL ROCK: – Logline: A young woman struggles with lifelong abandonment issues when she discovers that her mother intentionally left her to join with an Alien Lightship that emerged from inside Sedona’s Bell Rock on Y2K, unraveling a government conspiracy to hide the Visitors.

Film Completed
Directed & Produced by Brian Patterson
Screenplay by Brian Patterson
Genre: Sci-fi

SOLARCROSS – Logline: A troubled futuristic police captain survives an assassination attempt only to discover that his city has been usurped by a vicious druglord, propelling him to come face-to-face with the pushers deadliest weapon; the cops own wife.

Preproduction on Short Film
Directed & Produced by Brian Patterson
Screenplay by Brian Patterson
Story by Brian Patterson & Robert Standley
Genre: Sci-fi


ORION – Logline: When a Law Enforcer in a futuristic dystopian city is betrayed and his wife murdered by a mysterious kingpin, he becomes entangled in a plot to stop extraterrestrial forces from conquering his planet.

Feature Screenplay by Brian Patterson, Robert Standley & Jim Hanks
In Development
Genre: Sci-fi

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY– Logline: A charismatic down on his luck college professor is seduced into working for a secret organization that arranges marriages for the world’s super rich.

Screenplay by Brian Patterson
Story by Brian Patterson & John Scudder
Workshopping Feature Script
Genre: Drama

SCOTTSDALE – Logline: Based on the true story of Cory Holmes and Todd Bogers. Two young Scottsdale natives gunned down at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch parking lot in the early 90’s.

Treatment by Brian Patterson
Genre: Drama

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